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Transformations – Were-Bimbo Ch. 04

Transformations: Curse of the Were-Bimbo Ch. 4

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Bull stood on a plain of white, above him, the sky was the same shade and it stretched to an infinite horizon in all directions.

« Who are you, Bull Drummond? »

He turned when he heard the voice.

She was standing a few feet behind him: Gwen Kincaid, wearing a skintight, white latex dress that was almost transparent. She was smiling, and, though he knew that what lay behind that smile was evil, it was a captivating smile nonetheless.

« I’m just a man… »

She shook her head. « From my experience, most men are not like you. They are small and petty and they care about little more than themselves. »

He looked around. « Where are we? »

She shrugged. « Inside my mind… or yours… I’m not really sure. »

« Cindy? Is she okay? »

« That’s all that you’re afraid of, isn’t it? But, you say you are just a man? »

He shook his head. « Let her go. Undo whatever you did to Delia and let her go too. Whatever you want from us? Take it from me. »

Gwen suppressed a laugh. « I hardly think you could provide what Delia is providing. But, I do appreciate your willingness to nail yourself to a cross for them. »

« Don’t blaspheme. »

« I’m sorry. But, you have to admit, you are trying your best to be Christ like. »

« Then just get on with it! Whatever you’re doing? Just do it. »

« I am. »

Bull stumbled backward. « What?! »

She stepped toward him. « Right now? You’re on an operating table. The drugs I’ve given you have already made you look ten years younger – I’m going to stop there. I kind of like you as a distinguished older man. »

She touched his arm. « You were strong, but now you’re so much stronger. That cage you were in? You could tear it apart with your bare hands now. »

He gritted his teeth. « Then what’s to stop me from breaking you in two as soon as I wake up? »

She shook her head. « Nothing. But, I don’t think you will. »

« Lady, you don’t know me at all… »

« I know you used to be a pimp. A mean one. I know you used to hook your girls on drugs, » she said and then she touched his cheek. « And, I know you changed. Maybe it was religion, or maybe the two wolves inside you finally fought and the good one won. Either way, you were a terrible person, Bull Drummond, but you’ve paid your debt. »

He looked away. « No. I haven’t… »

« Okay, fair enough. You’ve been looking for salvation by trying to help hookers escape by giving them, what? $500? How’s that working? How many girls like Cindy and Delia have you actually saved? »

« Not enough… »

« No. Not enough. I’ll tell you a secret, Bull: Everything is going to change. The Church is taking over, and they don’t care what they have to do to achieve domination. Girls like Delia and Cindy are going to be caught up in the machine. Pimps, like Randall who enslaved Cindy and Delia? The Church would be just as happy to let them run the brothels. They don’t care about the girls, Bull. »

« What? And, you do? »

« Yes. I do. We do. The Whore Caste, the whores and the Whoremasters and the White Witches. We need you, Bull. The girls need you. There will be whores, Bull. That is an inescapable fact – the Church will prevail. There is no hope of stopping them. But a man… a Whoremaster like you? You can protect the whores and you can crush the pimps like Randall and his ilk. The question is, will you? Or, would you rather hang on your cross while the whores suffer? »

Bull sighed. « You’re asking me to abandon everything I believe in! You’re asking me to go back to being what I was! »

« Yes. I am. I’m asking you to return to that life, but with the compassion you’ve learned. »

Bull swallowed hard. « I… wouldn’t even know where to begin… »

Gwen smiled up at him in this strange white land. « Then let me show you. » She put her hands on his temples, and it all became clear.


Delia wasn’t so much holding Cindy back now – she was simply holding her.

Gwen was leaning over Bull as he lay on the operating table, her eyes closed as she massaged his temples.

On the tray beside her, a dozen empty syringes gleamed under the bright lights.

Cindy stared in horrified fascination at the only man who had ever tried to help her in her entire life. A man she had grown to love over the course of a day.

His massive body was now even larger, bulging with muscles where muscles shouldn’t be. His wrinkles were fading.

And, what rose between his legs was something unbelievable.

Even flaccid, his cock was bigger than any she had ever seen.

« Isn’t he beautiful? » Delia whispered in her ear.

« God, Delia, can’t you see she’s turning him into a monster? »

« Oh, Cin, you don’t know yet. You just don’t know. He’s becoming a Whoremaster, Cin. They’re wonderful. »

« Delia, Jesus… you actually believe that shit? »

Gwen pulled her hands away from Bull’s temples and his eyes flickered. « Delia, take Cindy a few feet back. Bull’s pheromones will be too much for her. »

Bull was trying hard to open his eyes as Delia led Cindy away.

Gwen picked up a cup and held it to Bull’s lips. « Drink. This is transformative ambrosia. You will be unbound, answering to no one. Drink this and you will be a god. »

« Bull, don’t! » Cindy yelled.

Delia hugged her tighter. « It’s okay, Cin. I promise. It’s okay. »

Bull opened his eyes halfway and drank from the cup pressed to his lips.

The reaction was instant.

His body went rigid as his back arched. The thick phallus rose and became rock hard.

Cindy actually cried out – his cock was longer than her forearm and still growing!

Bull opened his eyes and looked around the room. « Need… Delia… come here. »

Delia kissed Cindy’s neck. « Sorry. He wants me, and I have to go! » She left Cindy standing in shock.

Bull grabbed Delia in his arms when she was close enough and pulled her onto the table. His thick fingers yanked the crotch of her latex body suit to the side and Delia guided his cock to her pussy.

« I’m first, » she laughed. « Thank you for making me first, Bull. »

He smiled up at her and kissed her as his cock surged inside her.

Cindy cried out again. Too big! No one could take something that big inside them in a single thrust like that!

Gwen went to Cindy’s side and brushed her hair from her eyes. « Yes, she can. She’s one of us. Her body can accept him. And, he’s taking her. »

« Taking her? »

« As his wife, Cindy with an S. His wife. »

« But… »

« But, what? »

« God! God, oh, God! » Delia moaned. She was rising and falling on his cock now. « So… Jesus… Cin? So big, Cin! »

Cindy watched in fascination as the impossible sex show played out in front of her.

« Cum! » Delia whispered. « Cum in me! I want you, Bull. I’ve never felt like this for anyone… »

Bull groaned and suddenly cum was streaming down his shaft as it leaked from Delia’s overflowing pussy.

She screamed, her back arching as she bent almost backward. « Love… you… Oh, God, Bull, I love… »

He pulled her down into his arms and she sobbed into his neck.

She trembled. « Never knew… I never knew… I thought I understood it… But, I didn’t… I didn’t know. »

He held her as her body shook. « Mine. You’re mine. »

Cindy shook her head. « What… what didn’t she understand? » she whispered.

« Love, Cindy. She didn’t understand love, » Gwen whispered. « And, now, she does. »

Bull looked at Cindy for a moment, but then he looked away. He held out his hand toward Cum Slut. « Come here. Now. »

Cum Slut approached the table, her eyes wide.

« You’re hers? » Bull asked as he stroked Delia’s hair.

« Yes. »

« Then you’re mine as well. » He nodded toward the pool of cum on the table. « Lick. »

Cum Slut dropped to her knees. A long string of cum was dripping down from the edge of the table. She stuck out her tongue and caught it.

Cum Slut went into convulsions and collapsed onto the floor. Her body jerked and writhed.

Bull smiled down at her.

He glanced at Cindy but looked away once again. « You need to leave. I love you, Cindy. I love you more than anything. But, I won’t make you part of this. Run. »

Gwen smiled and nodded. She pointed toward the stairs. « You’ll find clothes and money in the kitchen upstairs. Do as he says: run. Hide somewhere – when the Church comes? And, they will come. Your fate will be in their hands. Avoid them as long as you can, Cindy with an S. »

Cindy backed toward the stairs.

Delia slid out of Bull’s arms and sat down on the floor. She pulled Cum Slut into her arms. « You may be my wife now? But, you’re still my pet. Understand? »

Cum Slut smiled. « Yes, Mistress. I love you. »

Delia smiled and kissed her cum slick lips.

Cum Slut snuggled against her.

Delia looked up at Cindy. « I love you, Cindy. Bull’s right: run. Just remember, we love you. »

Cindy reached the stairs. She took hold of the handrail. « I… no… no. I won’t. I belong… here. »

Gwen smiled and nodded without looking at her. « Yes, you do. »

Cindy walked toward the table. « You want me, don’t you, Bull? »

There were tears in Bull’s eyes. « Of course, Cindy. But, you can escape. You can get away. Be someone else, Cindy. You don’t have to… »

She shook her head. « Yes, I do. »

Gwen took Cindy’s hand. « Sleep. »

And, Cindy slept.


Lita’s life was increasingly about sexual positions. Her drive was insatiable, uncontrollable. Whether she was pressed between two studs in a rave hallway, or, as she was now, riding her husband’s enormous cock reverse cowgirl in a hotel room fancier than anything she had ever seen, she loved trying new positions.

Reverse cowgirl was her favorite.

She knew that Alex was watching his cock sliding in and out of her stretched pussy, her hips splayed, strong thighs raising and lowering. His fingers caressed her anus and she cooed.

Another sensation – she had never even thought about anal before being transformed, but now every caress of Alex’s thick finger was like a vibrator on her clit. Somehow, the transformation had turned her entire anal ring into a second clitoris.

« Push it in! » She pleaded, and Alex slid a finger deep inside her.

That was all she needed. She came, both orifices throbbing.

Alex laughed gently and held her still, feeling her body quiver and shake.

She rose off him and he eased his finger out.

« Hey, wait a second. I want to cum inside you, » Alex whispered.

Lita spun around with a grin. She grasped his cock with two hands and began to pump. « Yeah, inside my mouth. I want you to shoot all that beautiful, delicious cum right in… my… mouth. » She winked and sucked the head of his dick as she stroked him.

« Fuck… Oh, shit… »

He came, his shaft throbbing as he sent stream after stream into her waiting mouth.

She swallowed, throat working as even more filled her mouth.

He had both hands in her hair.

Slowly, his fingers relaxed, and he sank back into the king size bed.

Lita licked away the last pearl. « How was that? »

He looked at her with his eyes half closed. « You… are amazing. »

She giggled and snuggled beside him, drawing her legs up so that she was nestled in the crook of his massive left arm. « Everything is so strange now. »

He kissed her forehead. « How so? »

« Love. Nothing like how I imagined. Everything you do is for me, and everything I do is for you. »

« You like that? »

« Yes! » She kissed his chest. « You know I do. I mean, we’re sex machines… »

« Well, you are… »

She laughed out loud and punched his ribs. « Take the compliment, you big oaf. » She raised up on her elbow. « But, what I’m trying to say? It’s more than the sex. Even if we couldn’t do it… »

« Don’t even say something like that! » He laughed.

« Shut up, I’m being profound. »

« Yes, Ma’am. »

« Better. I’m saying, I’d still be in love with you. »

He stroked her hair. « Me too. »

« And, Gwen, I’d still be in love with her. And, Heather and Rebecca, too. »

« But, it’s nice to be just the two of us every once in a while? »

She nodded. « Yes! »

« And, if you were to go off alone with Gwen? »

« Yeah, I’d like that too. And, when we’re all together it’s amazing as well. »

Alex smiled. « Takes a while to get used to, doesn’t it? »

She snuggled closer. « Yes, it does. I keep thinking: I’m going to be jealous of you and Gwen being together, or, I’m not going to want to share either of you with Rebecca or Heather… »

« But, you never actually feel that way? »

« No, I don’t. When it happens, I’m just happy. Man, they really did a number on us, didn’t they? »

Alex shrugged. « I don’t know. Maybe. Or, maybe the transformation just freed us from all the bullshit. Tonight, when you started that orgy? »

« That fucking scared me! »

« I know. I was scared when I thought they might overpower you. »

Lita tickled him. « You would have ripped the place apart. »

He kissed her hair. « Yeah, I would have. But, you know what I felt more than anything else? »

« What? »

« I was proud of you. That’s what. My beautiful wife turned a rave into an orgy, and I knew that once I got you out of there? You were going to be mine again. »

She gave him a wicked grin. « Baby, we are so fucked up. »

He laughed. « Yeah. I guess we are. »

She laid her head back on his chest. « Alex? »

« Yeah? »

« What’s going to happen to all those people? »


« Not one goddamned cell phone?! » Detective Patricia Kennedy growled.

Her partner, Teddy Murphy shook his head. « We found all of them in a barrel in the alley. Someone set them on fire. »

« Fuck! » Patricia screamed.

It was only four in the morning in Manhattan South police station, but the squad room was crowded: it was all hands-on deck.

A uniformed sergeant came to her with a paper in his hand.

« What?! » Patricia snapped.

« I, uh… Bellevue called back. »

« What do they have on the victims? »

The sergeant looked at the paper and sighed. « They… uh, detective, they don’t have any of our victims. »

Ice creeped up Patricia’s spine. « You mean, the ambulances took them to Jersey? »

« N… No, detective. None of the Jersey hospitals have them either… »

« Fucking Connecticut? »

He shook his head.

« Oh, my fucking God… » She looked toward Murphy. « Those ambulances? Tell me somebody got ID on those paramedics? »

Murphy sighed and looked at the floor. « Jesus, Patricia. The squad cars said the ambulances just went in with them. Nobody would have checked… »

Patricia shook her head. « Who called us in? How did our cars get dispatched to the warehouse? »

The sergeant looked at his notes. « Anonymous tip: caller said there was a massive disturbance at the warehouse with multiple injuries. »

Patricia sat down at her desk and put her face in her hands. « Sixteen hundred people – seven of them cops. All whisked away without a trace. » She snapped her fingers. « Traffic cameras! Pull every frame of footage. Find those… »

A uniformed officer called out, « There are at least three dozen ambulances in Brooklyn on fire in an empty lot. Half the fire department are there trying to put them out. »

Patricia leaned back in her chair. « Fuck. They took them. »

« They? » Murphy asked.

« The Church of Morpheus. Maria Marapova. That cunt took them. »

« Jesus… we got nothin’, Patricia, » Murphy said.

Patricia pulled out her cellphone. She swiped through her pictures. He was there: a tall older man with a military haircut. She plugged her phone into her computer and pulled up a Federal facial recognition database.

Maybe they had something after all.


It wasn’t the first time Amy had kissed a woman. Under Amy Lynn’s control, she had done more than just kiss several women during the last full moon.

But, as she returned Dr. Love’s sapphic kiss, she realized she was actually enjoying it this time.

She was damned and she was lost. There would be no forgiveness for this.

Homosexuality was wrong, it was a sin. No matter how much Lorraine had rationalized it to her – Amy knew in her heart that she was sinning against everything she had been taught and believed.

But, God, the way she tasted! It wasn’t like kissing a man. There was no rake of stubble from five o’clock shadow. The kiss was hungry, but not aggressive. Purely sensual and loving.

Her daughter! Back home, this creature was committing incest with her own daughter! It was disgusting.

And, yet…

Lorraine broke her kiss and smiled at her. « See? Not so bad, is it? »

Amy looked at Chad, still sleeping on the couch opposite.

Lorraine touched her face. « He doesn’t have to know, Amy. »

« Please… just stop. »

« Amy, you don’t want that. You aren’t the same. You have needs now. You can feel them. You aren’t the same person you were this morning. »

« It’s wrong, Lorraine. My God, do you know what my faith says about… »

Lorraine kissed her.

« Stop, please. »

Lorraine kissed her again. « Your faith is supposed to be about love. Well, mine is about love as well – and lust. We love each other, and we kiss… » She kissed her, her tongue playing along Amy’s lips. « And, we make love. » She caressed Amy’s breast.

« No, don’t… »

Lorraine squeezed her breast through the thin top and stroked her hard nipple with her thumb. « What would you do if I actually stopped, Amy? »

Amy was breathing hard, staring at Lorraine’s lips.

« Stop fighting. Let go of all the bullshit, Amy. Let me make you feel good. » Smiling, she reached down and stroked Amy’s thigh.

Amy whined and looked at Chad again. « No. »

« No? » Lorraine’s hand crept higher.

« No… not here… in front of Chad… » Amy sobbed and looked at the floor.

Lorraine smiled. « Okay, honey. » She stood up and took Amy’s hand.

Amy took one last look at Chad as Lorraine led her upstairs.


Patricia was almost dozing in her office chair as her cellphone rang. She held it to her ear. « Detective Kennedy. »

« What the fuck are you doing? » A man’s voice said.

She snapped awake. « Who is this? » She held the phone out and looked at the display: UNKNOWN NUMBER.

« I’m somebody you really shouldn’t be looking up on a Federal database, young lady. »

Patricia grabbed her notepad and flung it at Murphy who was asleep at the opposite desk.

Murphy almost fell out of his chair. « What!? »

She mouthed the word « Trace » and pointed at her phone.

« Don’t bother asking your partner to trace the call. You’ll get a pizzeria in the Battery. »

« Who are you? » Patricia said.

The man sighed. « Not the one who took your victims, if that’s what you’re asking. »

« How do I know that? »

« You don’t. But, I didn’t. You know who took them. »

« You’re not working for them? »

« The Church? No, I am not. »

Patricia leaned back in her chair. « Are you CIA? NSA? »

« Keeping trying letters, detective. You’ll get it sooner or later. Turn on your television, WNYC. »

There was television mounted to the wall in the squad room. She scooted across to anther desk and grabbed the remote.

WNYC winked on. « …the biggest nightclub fire in New York history overnight in an abandoned warehouse near the river. More than fifteen hundred people are feared lost. » A woman’s voice said as news helicopters hovered over the blazing warehouse.

The man on the phone continued. « The pretty blonde on the television is Rebecca Tanner; although, I’ll bet you anything in a few weeks she’ll officially change that name to Rebecca Tanner-Kincaid. Pretty sure she’s one of them. »

« Did the Church set the building on fire? »

« Yes. Though, I’ll bet if you dig into it, you’ll find it was one of your own people who struck the match – though he won’t remember a goddamned thing about doing it. »

« Mind control… »

« That would be the term. »